SBDM Policies

Budget Process and Annual Report Policy [pdf]
Classroom Instruction Policy [pdf]
Curriculum Policy [pdf]
Discipline and Classroom Management Policy [pdf]
Extended School Services Policy [pdf]
Extracurricular Activity Participation Eligibility Requirement Policy [pdf]
Extracurricular Programs Policy [pdf]
Extra Year of Primary Policy [pdf]
Homework Policy [pdf]
Instructional Practices Policy [pdf]
Library Media Center Manual/Guidelines [pdf]
Middle Homework Policy [pdf]
Parent Participation/Parent Involvement Policy [pdf]
Primary Grades Literacy Team Policy [pdf]
Council Selection of a School Principal [pdf]
Professional Development Policy [pdf]
Safe Crisis Management Policy [pdf]
School Council Policy Format [pdf]
School Schedule, Space Use & Staffing Policy [pdf]
SBDM Committee Structure/Standing SBDM Committees Policy [pdf]
Student Assignment Policy [pdf]
Wellness Policy [pdf]
Alignment With State Standards, Technology Utilization, and Program Appraisal [pdf]